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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making Your List of Top Ten Nonprofits

An article on Fast Company today mentions EngenderHealth in a list of top ten nonprofits, along with advice on choosing a nonprofit to support:

"Choosing your Top Ten nonprofits is very personal. Consider these points as you decide:
  1. "What the organization does – the mission and work has to be personally meaningful to you;
  2. "The programs – they need to demonstrate their effectiveness in solving the problem
  3. "Caliber of the CEO – the CEO must be an expert and a highly effective leader;
  4. "Caliber of the board – and especially the board chair/president – for an organization to do its best, the board should be engaged and supportive – and the board should include people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives;
  5. "Budget – most nonprofit revenues are stressed right now; the question is whether there is core funding from a solid base, and whether there is active CEO and board involvement in building viable, new revenue opportunities – through philanthropy, or fees for services, or government sources. Even if that’s not the case, perhaps you can help if you are passionate about the mission. Just be aware of how challenging the situation is.
  6. "Where you can add value."
The full article is online.

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