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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is 3FOR1? Watch our new video, and join us.

Today, EngenderHealth is launching the 3FOR1 campaign urging President Obama and
Congress to commit $1 billion to international family planning programs
in 2010. We're asking you to join us.

Family planning is a basic right. Yet, there are an estimated 201
million women worldwide who want to use it, but can't--they do not have
access. Changing this reality through increased U.S. investment can
bring significant short- and long-term returns: When women and couples
are able to plan their families, they have the chance to have healthier
and better-educated children and more productive lives, which can lead
to more stable and economically strong communities and countries.

President Obama has stated that he wants to change the way the United
States is viewed around the world. One way to demonstrate this is to
commit to improving women's health and welfare through a stepped-up
investment in family planning.

Right now, the U.S. budget for international family planning is not much
higher than it was in 1974, when adjusted for inflation. To keep up with
the large and growing need for family planning, we call on the
President to increase the U.S. contribution to this global effort to
$1 billion. This represents less than one twentieth of 1% of the
proposed 2010 federal budget--less than a penny per day for every American.

Help us ensure international family planning and reproductive health are
top priorities for the U.S. government. Watch EngenderHealth's new video
and write a letter to President Obama calling for $1 billion to be
dedicated to international family planning.

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