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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Revitalizing the Partograph to Prevent Fistula in Uganda

Jenny Nalukwago of Uganda became pregnant when she was 16. But after spending more than 48 hours in labor, Jenny lost her baby because the health clinic couldn't provide the care she needed. After the harrowing ordeal, Jenny also discovered she was leaking urine. She had developed fistula, a heartwrenching condition that often forces women into lives of isolation and malnourishment.

With quality and timely maternal health care, fistula is preventable. Today, we have a simple tool—the partograph—that can easily help prevent needless maternal deaths and injuries. But as EngenderHealth's Fistula Care team learned last year, the partograph was not being used in Ugandan health facilities.

Read more to find out what the partograph can do to help prevent fistula for millions of other women like Jenny.

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