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Friday, May 18, 2012

On Alice Radio: A Conversation with Pam Barnes

Our goal is to be sure that women can have the number of children they want, and not the number of children that their circumstances dictate.”
~ President Pamela W. Barnes

Last week, Alice Radio (97.3) in San Francisco featured Pam Barnes on its Sunday Magazine program to discuss the top reproductive health challenges facing women today and what EngenderHealth is doing to address them.

Listen to the  interview here. Or, skip to the topics that interest you:

01:30 …on advocating for national policies that promote women’s health
03:06 …on global progress in women’s health
05:25 …on the benefits of investing in women
07:17 …on engaging men to support women’s health
09:45 …on EngenderHealth’s work to address women’s health through comprehensive & integrated services
11:30 …on meeting the needs of women living with HIV, including family planning and preventing mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV
13:12 …on Gender Matters, our teenage pregnancy prevention program that addresses gender norms among adolescents in Austin, Texas
15:45 …on why issues across the globe should matter to Americans
18:25 …on what YOU can do to support EngenderHealth’s work to improve women’s reproductive health

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